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104 Million Subscribers and 25 Billion Views, Gamer PewDiePie King Of The Internet

In 2010, a broke college student in Sweden with a gritty webcam and unkempt hair started posting videos of himself playing video games. Now, PewDiePie is by far the most popular person on YouTube. He has over 100 million subscribers and 25 billion views on his videos. For perspective, The New York Times has six million subscribers. While watching his videos, I found myself wondering: What is it about PewDiePie? Why and how has he been able to capture so much attention? It’s an ongoing question, but I did find myself captivated by witnessing a guy move through 10 years of his life. The majority of PewDiePie’s content is him screaming at video games and making odd facial expressions at trending memes (which has its own hypnotic appeal), but you also get to see him drop out of college, move to the U.K., make mistakes, handle them with varying levels of tact, meet a girl online and marry her nine years later. His YouTube page is like a 1,000-hour internet version of the movie “Boyhood.” For the next two weeks of “Rabbit Hole,” you’ll get to see how PewDiePie’s personality, video content and reputation have evolved in the last decade.

Credit: NY Times – Click here to view the article

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