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A New Consumer Trend Emerges as Pet Owners Work From Home

With working from home becoming a widespread reality amid coronavirus safety measures, many people are thrilled to spend more time with loved ones, including pets. Through it, David Gimes, chief executive officer of, an online retailer for pet products, tells WWD that sales in February and March have been ahead of last year. “First and foremost, we want everyone, and their pets, to be safe and healthy,” Gimes said. “Spending more time at home with your pet, it’s nice to have a dog bed that is durable, good for your pet and that looks good in your home.” Top items being purchased from currently include products that are designed for easy and frequent washing, which Gimes notes, is on the top of everyone’s mind with importance on cleanliness. “I think we are all in the process of evaluating our habits and movements, and care of our pets,” Gimes said. “Walking our dogs will likely be more of a solo activity, avoiding busy dog parks and other crowded areas. Not touching other people’s pets when we do encounter them. It’s an evolving process.” Similarly, Sera Labs, a CBD brand that offers tinctures and chews for dogs as well as humans, has seen a

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