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Adobe Showcases Project Clothes Swap in Experience Manager

Adobe’s Sneaks program asks employees across the company’s offices to put forth ideas to “evolve the way in which brands engage online and in the physical world.” Seven finalist projects are selected to be shared publicly. Historically, nearly 60 percent of Sneaks projects eventually make it into an Adobe product. A new project from Sneaks, Project Clothes Swap, allows companies to change outfits in e-commerce with AI. The technology aims to elevate the digital storefront for brands who have had to make recent shifts to prioritize online sales. According to data from Adobe Analytics, online apparel sales have increased 34 percent between March 12 and April 11. Adobe has used data and AI to elevate brands’ e-commerce in the past, including a collaboration with Prada in 2019 which aimed to better gauge consumer’s online needs. The company believes that even once quarantines have been lifted and stores have opened brands will continue to invest in digital strategies with technology being used in new ways and finding it more efficient in meeting consumer demands. Project Clothes Swap, which will be showcased in Adobe Experience Manager allows clothing to be moved around on models digitally through AI. Put simply, if a brand has an archive of

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