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Adore Me, Tennessee…and Then Scan Me?

Lingerie brand Adore Me just can’t stop fiddling with the fitting room. The digital native — which integrated StoreAdvise technology to put an Internet of Things twist on changing rooms — is at it again, this time with body scanners. For the e-commerce start-up’s latest store, opening on Saturday at the Hamilton Place Mall in Chattanooga, Tenn., the company partnered with Fit3D to install body scanners in the fitting rooms.

A look at the Chattanooga Adore Me store. Courtesy photo

The gear will collect an array of data points on customers’ physiques — with their permission, of course — to size them correctly. The tech takes as many as 380 measurements. “Fit3D holds the largest and fastest-growing 3-D body-scan library,” said Michael Constantini, head of Fit3D’s business development. The proprietary scanner has as many as 1.3 millions scans under its belt, at a rate of 55,000 scans monthly, and has been deployed across 55 countries. The tech has been used in places like Equinox gyms, so personal trainers can gauge their clients’ progress. According to Adore Me, the scanner and data will be a major part of the brand’s consultation-driven business going forward. “Sometimes you don’t need to reinvent the wheel,” Camille Kress, vice president of retail at Adore

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