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Ask an Agency: Green-Washed or Authentic?

Consumers are voting with their dollars, conscious of the impact of every purchase. Messaging can be muddled by “green-washing” product labels and proliferating their social media with sustainable claims. Erin Allweiss and Melody Serafino founded No. 29 on the premise of telling the stories of sustainable businesses, the real businesses making change every day, not just in one product release or Earth Day proclamations. Their New York-based communications firm puts the focus on deciphering fact from fiction in a world where everyone wants sustainability, but doesn’t really understand what it means. What’s Trending  Serafino cited key sustainability trends across the fashion, arts and design sectors. Serafino believes many are already “rethinking the seasonal cycle,” moving away from the resource-intensive demands of seasonal fashion. This same resource thought is applied to design, as “reworking pieces” grows with the prevalence of secondhand. Designers pioneering this movement early on include those using recycled fabrics such as Christopher Raeburn, or Japanese designer Yuima Nakazato, upcycling quilt couture, as recently seen in their spring 2019 collections.

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