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AW21 Join Life Innovation: LanzaTech x Zara

LanzaTech, Inc. is a startup that has developed a new carbon capture technology that converts carbon emissions into ethanol, which can then be used to produce new materials such as polyester.

Capturing and repurposing carbon emissions from industrial processes limits the direct release of these emissions into the atmosphere and helps limit the use of virgin fossil resources.


The technology of LanzaTech, Inc. captures CO2 from industrial, agricultural, or domestic waste processes. Through a fermentation process, it is transformed into ethanol, a fundamental component in the production of materials like PET which is used in polyester thread.

The final PET contains 20% MEG (Monoethylene Glycol) made from recycled carbon emissions and 80% PTA (Purified Terephthalic Acid).

The technology developed by LanzaTech ensures fibers maintain properties including quality, performance, and clothing care maintenance.

We understand the challenges of the fashion industry and as such we are working to find solutions, searching for new partnerships, processes, and materials that help limit our impact.

Innovation and collaboration are fundamental to advance the sustainability of the textile industry. The startup LanzaTech x Zara is the first collaboration of the sustainability innovation hub through which we are working on different projects to help us drive and scale initiatives to make our products more sustainable.

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