Building A Brand In the Direct-to-Consumer Era

MADE Trends introduces "Building A Brand In the Direct-to-Consumer Era". This presentation is a guide for brands looking to expand direct sales channels or simply take inspiration from a new generation of marketers. We’re living in the age of the direct-to-consumer brand. Originally exemplified by disruptors like Glossier and Everlane, the term “DTC” has largely become shorthand for a brand that targets millennial consumers using a strategy that includes an emphasis on brand; values, and transparency; ease of purchase; and products that have used in everyday life. The deck breaks down the five pillars of DTC success, including developing your brand, streamlining purchase experience, building community, and offering a unique marketing strategy. Then, we take a deep dive into strategies for reducing e-commerce friction, with the goal of converting new shoppers, maximizing basket size, and building customer loyalty. Finally, the deck ends with a round-up of new and interesting DTC brands by category, from fashion and beauty to housewares and CPG alternatives.

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