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Coronavirus Concerns of the Global Consumer

Coronavirus has forcefully disrupted life for billions of people across the globe and uncertainty has become a constant for not only individuals but businesses as well. To better understand consumer sentiments at this time, Astound Commerce’s Astound Insights team conducted surveys of global consumers in the U.S., Canada, Europe and the Middle East on March 10 and March 11. Findings reflect consumer concerns, changes in daily life, and overall outlook on what the future holds.

An average of 75 percent of global consumers have fears concerning the Coronavirus outbreak. Courtesy Image.

Despite an average of 57 percent of respondents reporting they have altered day-to-day activities to be “as contactless as possible,” only 46 percent of consumers say they are eating more meals at home. Additionally, just 43 percent of consumers reported having decreased planning trips, vacations and attending public events. In a broader sense, 75 percent of consumer respondents reported having fears concerning the coronavirus outbreak. The highest fear level was in the Middle East at 96 percent, with the lowest levels of fear in Europe and the U.S. at 68 percent and 69 percent, respectively. Respondents also shared that they have been impacted by coronavirus in regards to shopping behavior. Almost half of all consumers,

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