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Covid-19 & The Retail Industry: An Overview

MADE Trends introduces "Covid-19 & The Retail Industry". In this new report, MADE Trends explores a post-COVID future for retail, where brands and consumers alike will be forced to collaborate and evolve in creative new ways. After years of "retail apocalypse" predictions, the coronavirus pandemic has thrown the industry into truly uncharted waters where it feels like only the strongest will survive. But when the dust settles, we suggest there is an opportunity for a retail renaissance. This deck is designed to provide a holistic look at the effects of COVID on retail, providing actionable insights broken down into an overview of the market landscape, analysis of shifting consumer motivations and presentation of five new key consumer personas, a round-up of early industry responses, and series of predictions for the future of fashion, shopping and living.

If you are interested in learning more about our “Covid-19 & The Retail Industry” overview, please contact us, or click here to purchase “Covid-19 & The Retail Industry” by MADE Trends.

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Merchandising and Design Experts (MADE) specializes in trend forecasting and market positioning foresight for the fashion and retail market.  Delivering researched and highly relevant insight into market conditions, emergent opportunities, and key products. MADE bespoke reports help clients to identify and capitalize on current and future market trends. For more information about these topics and market trends and strategy please contact MADE Trends.

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