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Digital Identities: Technologies That Propel

In the latest webinar produced by WWD, “Digital Identities,” Robert Pernice, director of global market development, Beauty, Intelligent Labels at Avery Dennison, joined WWD executive editor Arthur Zaczkiewicz to discuss technologies that can help propel the success of beauty brands and retailers in these unprecedented times. The goal of the webinar was to introduce a new concept for digital in a unique item-level digital identity that can drive retail and operation successes for beauty brands and retailers during and after COVID-19. “Digital has long been important for beauty,” said Pernice. “The most common applications are ones you’re familiar with that help people make shopping decisions. But purchases are also transacted through digital e-comm platforms, and the compelling influence of digital before COVID-19 has only been amplified by the pandemic.” Avery Dennison, the global material science company and technology leader, specializes in a wide variety of labeling and functional materials. The company’s Intelligent Labels business offers digital identity technologies that provide tracking and inventory solutions, authenticate product history, and help provide a richer consumer experience. “You know the title of this presentation refers to unprecedented times,” said Pernice. “I guess by definition all times are unprecedented, but some are plagued by chaos and it

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