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Drunk Shopping Is a $44.9 Billion Industry in the U.S.

According to Finder’s latest drunk shopping survey, almost a quarter of American consumers shop while intoxicated. Which is good news for retailers, like Nordstrom, who have in-store bars. While the percentage of Americans who admit to shopping under the influence decreased slightly in the past year to 22.9 percent, compared with 26.4 percent in 2019, the average spending on drunk purchases has increased from $674.96 to $768.58. In total, Americans spent $44.9 billion on drunk purchases in the last year. Millennials and Gen X are consuming the highest number of alcoholic beverages per week with an average of 8.85 drinks per week. In total, 69.7 percent of Americans drink at least one alcoholic beverage a week. While food and alcohol purchases are the most common drunk purchases, shoes, clothes and accessories total 36.9 percent of drunk purchases. Notably, men account for over half of drunk purchases in the shoes, clothes and accessories category at 45.4 percent, compared to 20.2 percent of women. When looking at total dollar amounts spent on drunk purchases, car related purchases ranked highest at an average of $731.32. Vacations were a close second at an average of $705.71. Shoes, clothes and accessories saw an average spend of $148.13. Consistent with findings

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