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FABSCRAP Is Making NYC Greener, One Recycled Remnant at a Time

With many brands seeking ways to reduce their environmental impact, sustainability-focused startups are providing innovative ways to think about materials and waste. Brooklyn-based FABSCRAP is one of these innovators: the nonprofit was created specifically with NYC’s recycling needs in mind, as residents throw away at least 200,000 tons of clothing, linens, shoes, and accessories annually, with textiles comprising 6% of the city’s total waste. Moreover, untold amounts of commercial waste are thrown away by private waste companies throughout the city, with few requirements with respect to reporting or recycling the materials. As such, FABSCRAP aims to reduce the amount of textiles going to landfills by collecting textiles and remnants and making them available to local students, artists, designers, and crafters for use in their own projects. A full-service solution, FABSCRAP picks up, processes, consolidates, and either recycles unusable materials or offers them at low purchase prices both online and in-person.

Read more about FABSCRAP here:

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