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Field Notes: How Fabric Is Helping Save the Planet

Fabric is now in the forefront of saving lives and the planet.

Drastic times call for drastic measures, and in the case of the coronavirus pandemic and textiles, that means stepping up production in times of desperate need.

That’s why fabric firm Burlington, part of Elevate Textiles, said it will increase production of its Maxima Medical Barrier collection, its line of health-care fabrics, in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. The firm has been in the medical business manufacturing fabrics for more than 40 years, with its materials used for surgeon’s gowns, isolation gowns, sterilization wrapper packs, drapes, scrubs and lab coats.

Its Maxima collection is a line of durable, fluid-resistant surgical fabrics engineered for performance and safety that are reusable, creating less of an impact on the environment.

Allen Smith, president of Burlington, Safety Components & A&E, Americas, said the company’s “commitment to the protection of our first responders and healthcare professionals is our top priority during this global crisis.”

“We have increased production of our Maxima Medical Barrier fabrics and are partnering with organizations across the industry to supply those on the front lines with the personal protective equipment needed to keep them safe amidst this outbreak. We appreciate the commitment and dedication of our workforce in Burlington plants in the U.S. and China to supply these fabrics to support the global fight against COVID-19.”

And Nelson Bebo, vice president of sales, Burlington, added that “Our traditional apparel supply chain is shifting to realign manufacturing capabilities to help meet the critical demands of our medical professionals on the front lines. We have reallocated resources to support the evolving industry landscape and provide Maxima products to key retail, brand and governmental partners.”

But amid the current critical circumstances, don’t forget that this year celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Earth Month. To promote the health and protection of the planet, fiber firm Lenzing has partnered with more than 20 companies to raise awareness of Earth Month across brands’ social media channels for its Tencel Earth Month Campaign. Each day during the month, Lenzing will focus on one brand and their work that supports environmental sustainability, emphasizing their use of Tencel fibers as one of the ways to decrease impact, according to the company.

“Some [brands] are also working on reducing the water usage in their production process, some are zeroed in on working only with low-impact fibers, ingredients, and materials and some are supporting incredible environmental causes and initiatives including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals,” the company said.

Its 2020 Earth Month brand partners include: Bella Dahl, Bearaby, Bleusalt, BN3TH, Boyish, Calitas Intimates, Closed, Eileen Fisher, Farm to Home, Guess, Hanky Panky, Kings of Indigo, Lucky Brand, Mara Hoffman, Mavi, Metawear, MeUndies, Molecule, Orvis, Paperlabel, Patagonia, QE Home, The Company Store, Triarchy and West Elm, among others.

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