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Five Black Creative Voices for Your Radar

As we continue to celebrate Black History Month across the US this month, we want to list some of the creative voices to know and support right now and going forward.

#1.  jυlιanĸnxх @julianknxx

This UK based poet uses the mediums of poetry, music and film to address topics including diaspora identity, mental health, youth and fatherhood. A performance at Prada Mode in 2019 has elevated his profile and expanded his reach across fashion.

#2.  Amaarae @amaarae

Known for her work around representation in music and outspoken take on gender, 26 year old Amaare grew up between Accra and Atlanta, making music which she describes “genreless sound” that’s gaining international recognition.

#3.  Autonommy @autonommy

Autonnomy is a new genre of creatives focusing on the limitless possibilities of augmented-reality. Her work explores immersive digital experiences, often using fashion product as a canvas to super-impose trippy visuals, displayed on her Instagram. 

#4.  Shaun Crawford @shaun_crawford119

Renowned NYC Graffiti artist Crawford recently teamed up with Arcyterx, brining a a new street-appeal to the outdoor-focus apparel brand. Crawford has also worked with brands such as Supreme , Nike and Converse, showing the commercial power of creative cross-sector collaboration.

#5.  Wisdom Kaye @wisdm

This Houston-based model was recently dubbed the “best-dressed man on TikTok” by Vogue. His personal style riffs on 1970’s meets contemporary streetwear, with brands across the globe lining up to work with him.

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