Going Green – Six Simple Ways to Make Your Business More Sustainable

1- Go Paperless: It’s the digital era! With so many online and digital options available to you, there really is no need to be printing off documents for review. Try using software like Google Drive or Dropbox which allows your team to work collaboratively without the paper waste. Taking it one step further, use laptops or tablets so notes can be taken electronically and easily shared.

2- Incentivize Greener Commuting Options: Subsidizing bus passes is a great, relatively low-cost way of reducing the amount of carbon emitted on your employees’ commute. Give employees a monthly $50 bonus for taking public transit, carpooling or walking to work. You could even set up a carpool program to help them get started.

3- Eliminate Single-Use Plastics: No more plastic cups at the water cooler! Offer employees a branded reusable bottle they can fill up. They will appreciate the gesture and you get a little extra marketing out of it. Also, make sure there is reusable cutlery and plates in the kitchen/cafeteria. Maybe even try a total ban on non-recyclable or non-compostable waste in the office.

4- Organize Employee Engagement Events Getting your team out to do something for the environment is a fun way to get employees involved in the businesses greening efforts. Plan fundraising events for environmental charities, challenge employees to go zero-waste for a month, or even organize a day to get outside and plant some trees!

5- Allow Employees to Telecommute Have employees work from home when possible, or replace face-to-face meetings requiring clients to travel with video-conferencing. It’s good for the environment and your business. Less commuting means fewer cars on the road. You may even be able to lower your utility bill and downsize your office space. All of which saves you money and reduces your carbon footprint.

6- Give Back to the Cause Donate to organizations working to protect the environment on a recurring basis. You could give a small percentage (1%) of your yearly revenue, or you could adopt a one-for-one model. You could also plant a tree for every product sold! It’s great CSR and shows you’re willing to do what it takes to promote sustainability.

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