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Gucci Green: Carbon Neutral and the New Eco-Warrior

Gabriela Hearst is walking towards a Zero carbon footprint.

An unexpected Fashion Week trend? Carbon neutrality. American designer Gabriela Hearst’s New York show was carbon neutral, and now Gucci has announced that its upcoming Milan runway will be too. Gucci even went a step further, announcing that it plans to have a fully carbon-neutral supply chain by the end of September.

Gucci has been on a green mission since 2017 when it announced it would be going fur-free. Since then, the luxury brand has announced a ten-year sustainability plan and rolled out a site dedicated to it. But this is the most ambitious step to date.

Calculating a brand’s carbon footprint is a complicated and imperfect process, and figuring out how Gucci the brand can go carbon neutral is more complex than just the show. According to a statement from the brand, 90 percent of Gucci’s emissions come from its supply chain and raw material sources.

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