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Gucci Unveils an NFT Gallery With ‘The Next 100 Years of Gucci’

Gucci is cementing its place in fashion history as it unveils the “The Next 100 Years” NFT art exhibit. This exhibit will be displayed in their virtual gallery created in partnership with SuperRare’s Vault Art Space. “The Next 100 Years” exhibition will showcase 29 handpicked artists whose work reflects the house’s vast heritage and will offer a blueprint for what will come next. Each art piece showcases a different perspective on Gucci’s 100-year history that reflects the past, present, and future. As Gucci furthers its dedication to the future of digital art, the fashion house has invested in SuperRare’s $RARE token, giving them a voice in the governance and direction of the platform. The platform aims to welcome independent galleries (called “Spaces”) that will bring new curatorial voices into the SuperRare world.

Source: Input Mag

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