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H&M Launches Billie Eilish Merch Collection Made Using Sustainably-Sourced Materials

Entering her fourth year on the music scene, 18-year-old Billie Eilish is rapidly solidifying her style and sound all over the globe. With 2020 freshly underway, her fans already have something to be excited about – H&M’S new Billie Eilish merch collection which is available worldwide as of today (online and in all stores within the Divided concept).

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We can't bite our tongues any longer: Billie Eilish's merch is out now! 🔥🔥 @blohsh #HM #blohsh Printed T-shirt: 0842256002 Printed sweatshirt dress: 0855333001 Printed bucket hat: 0846634002 A post shared by H&M (@hm) on Jan 2, 2020 … Full Story at Fashion Magazine…


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