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Happy National Love Your Pet Day! Poshmark Adds Pet

Poshmark adds pet supplies category to resale site

If you’re finding that your pandemic puppy needs so many more supplies than you expected — or you just want her wardrobe to be as extensive as yours — you can now search for secondhand style for your pet on Poshmark.

Poshmark has launched a pets category for animal owners who are seeking a sustainable way to shop for and sell pet supplies ranging from collars and outfits, toys and grooming supplies to beds, bowls and habitats.

“Many members of the Poshmark community are proud pet owners, myself included, and it’s important that our social marketplace addresses the needs of the entire family,” said Tracy Sun, co-founder and senior vice president of new markets at Poshmark. “We’re excited to offer pet owners a fun and social way to shop, sell and connect in a way that builds community, considers personal styles and budgets, and drives sustainability.”

The American Pet Products Association estimates that animal lovers spent $99 billion on their pets in 2020.

As of August of last year, more than half (54%) of American households had pets, representing a total of almost 68 million households, and the market research report Pet Population and Ownership Trends in the U.S.: Dogs, Cats, and Other Pets, 4th Edition projected 4% growth in the dog-ownership and cat-ownership households in 2020.

Currently, by type of pet, 39% (49 million) have pet dogs, up from 36% in 2009. About 24% (30 million) have cats, while a tenth of American households have pets other than dogs or cats—including fish, birds, reptiles, hamsters, and rabbits. This represents roughly 19% of pet-owning households overall, or nearly 13 million.

Redwood City, California-based Poshmark says it has a community of more than 70 million registered users across the U.S. and Canada who buy from and sell to each other.

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