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Harrods Unmasks New Beauty Hall  

LONDON – Harrods’ beauty hall has undergone a makeover with the aim of becoming a thoroughly modern proposition with a beauty concierge, masterclasses and virtual play area, not to mention spaces to see and be seen, according to Annalise Fard, chairman director of home and beauty at Harrods. In an interview, Fard described the new hall as “a beauty wonderland.” When phases one, two and three are complete, the hall will be 53 percent bigger than the existing space and will take over the former men’s wear space on the ground floor, the current beauty hall and the lower ground floor. Fard argued that there hasn’t been much innovation in department store beauty spaces generally and that this was “a super opportunity to create something new,” and offer the customer multiple ways of interacting with beauty. “My vision is to create an environment that allows for a fully immersive brand experience like nowhere else in the world, a playground to discover the world’s most innovative new beauty products, as well as a place to celebrate can’t-live-without icons. Most of all, it will be a must-visit destination and a platform to create engaging, must-see content for our clients,” Fard said. Phase one opens on Tuesday and will house color cosmetics and lifestyle beauty brands.

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