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Harvey Nichols Launches Omnichannel Concept Store

HONG KONG — Harvey Nichols soft-launched an omnichannel concept store here Monday, part of an almost $32 million re-haul of the business that dramatically transforms its Pacific Place mall store location and global e-commerce offerings. The project was spearheaded by Pearson Poon, the son of Harvey Nichols owner Dickson Poon. The younger Poon, a Cambridge economics graduate, was appointed a director of Dickson Concepts late last year, joining from Goldman Sachs’ investment banking division. The changes at Harvey Nichols halve the physical size of the Pacific Place store, but will increase the assortment by three times, the company said, when counting the combined online and off-line sku’s. “The fixed costs will come down a lot,” Pearson Poon told WWD. “But at the same time, because we are offering more selection to the customer, we really hope that the customer can look at more product, have more selection and hopefully, the sales density will also increase.

Pearson Poon, executive director of Dickson Concepts. Courtesy

“The rent pressure is also high in Hong Kong. A lot of retailers have to put a lot of merchandise on the floor sometimes and this compromises the shopping experience,” he added. “We want to make sure it is good, but we can

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