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How Community Drives DTC Success

One value of direct-to-consumer is that customers have easy access to a brand: it’s simple to find, understand, and purchase; and they feel like they understand the company’s mission more intimately than they would with the average legacy brand. But it also creates direct access to your customers. You can make the most of this by building a direct line of communication and soliciting feedback from followers, shaping future product updates, and marketing campaigns around what they desire. DTC megabrands including Glossier are famous for sourcing product development notes out of their Instagram comments. This access can be leveraged into creating a community of customers who can go on and do the invaluable work of earned media by posting and promoting your product via word of mouth. Girlfriend Collective, Parade, and Milk Makeup are just a few that have leveraged the power of community to maximize user-generated content on social media.

MADE Trends introduced "Building A Brand In the Direct-to-Consumer Era", a guide for brands to take inspiration or learn more about direct-to-consumer brands. If you are interested in learning more about Direct-to-Consumer, please contact us for a free consultation, or click here to purchase "Building A Brand In the Direct-to-Consumer Era" by MADE Trends.

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