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How Influencer Brittany Xavier Is Transitioning to TikTok

A few short months after joining TikTok, Brittany Xavier is already amassing thousands of new followers a day. The influencer, who counts 1.2 million Instagram followers, began posting on Bytedance’s viral app in early November. She had observed her 13-year-old daughter spending hours of screen time on TikTok, and virtually none at all on Instagram, prompting Xavier to make an account. She was addicted in no time. “I view TikTok more as entertainment than social media,” said Xavier, who partnered with Michael Kors on TikTok content this season at New York Fashion Week. “It’s not a place I’m gonna share every detail about my personal life. It’s more of a way to reach a new audience, but also capture and entertain them with a takeaway value.”

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