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In the Fight Against Coronavirus, the Hermès Scarf Becomes an Unlikely Weapon

“Online shopping for silk scarves to tie around my face until this is over,” tweeted the artist Sam McKinniss last week. “I simply must do this my way or not do it at all.”

His way, as it turns out, is not only his. As the White House has pivoted to recommending that Americans cover their face with masks—with the addendum that one can make do with a scarf—the silk scarf has emerged as a new defensive accessory, the kind of small gesture of glamour that boosts morale in times of crisis. The RealReal shared with GQ that the searches for silk scarves have accounted for a larger proportion of overall searches on the luxury resale site since the beginning of March. When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, issued their revised guidance that Americans should wear cloth masks on April 3, search demand for all scarves increased 4.8 times.

Full Story at GQ Mens Fashion…

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