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Inditex Ramps Up Logistic Hubs for Fashion ‘Demand Spike’

MEXICO CITY — Zara chain owner Inditex is set to gradually increase throughput at its key Spanish logistic hubs in anticipation of a recovery in global apparel demand as nations begin to see a peak in coronavirus cases, boosting hopes that economies will recover quicker than anticipated. The retailer has three main logistic hubs in Spain, located in Madrid, Zaragoza and Arteixo, A Coruña, where it has its global headquarters. The facilities process “many millions of garments” a month at demand peak times, according to trades union leaders. “Our logistic warehouses will start increasing capacity next week as demand starts to increase,” confirmed Roberto Perez, who heads Spanish union Cig’s mission at Zara logistics in Arteixo. Not that Inditex has kept its warehouses idle. “They are expecting a demand spike [post-COVID-19],” Perez continued. Therefore, “they have kept their warehouses operating at half capacity but moving and stocking merchandise so that when markets reopen, they can service them faster and better than competitors.” Inditex, which temporarily shuttered 3,500 stores because of lockdowns around the world, has also kept some of its sewing shops in Arteixo (which typically engage in cutting and pattering of items before assembly in Asia, Morocco or other factories) producing medical equipment. Perez

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