Influencer Marketing in the Time of the Coronavirus

Influencer marketing proves extremely powerful in times of crisis if managed well and with significant expertise. Influencers can create persuasive content to help brands in their digital efforts to hold onto customer trust, loyalty and purchase, especially during times where purchasing habits and needs are ever-changing. They can drive e-commerce sales as consumers find themselves in a new, extended stay-at-home economy. Influencers have the unique ability to reach brands’ audiences on the very devices and platforms they are turning to for information, enjoyment and connection. Influencers offer brands a way to assure consumers they can continue to have access to products and services they rely on while staying safe and following CDC guidelines. Content from influencers will be increasingly impactful in marketing efforts, leveraging their earned emotional connections and recommendation reliance with people who comprise their audience. The Stay-Home Economy The spread of COVID-19 will continue to profoundly shift consumers’ shopping behavior with long-term repercussions even as the virus’ spread diminishes. As this new normal of the stay-home economy emerges, Influencers are uniquely poised to capture consumer’s attention: from what to order and where to shop online; great pantry meals at home; entertaining and teaching kids out of school; how to dress in a

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