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Kappa Taps Sita Abellan for a Futuristic Capsule Collection

Following its recent team-up with Karol GKappa has now joined forces with Sita Abellan for a collection of futuristic designs. The lineup is pictured in a video game-themed campaign to add a touch of nostalgia.

“When I began the project I had a vision of strong empowered females encompassing the idea of heroines or fighting characters within a video game,” Abellan speaks on the collaboration. “I wanted to put this aspect into the shoot projecting a surreal vibe with an emphasis on the models’ features heightened through large expressive eyes bringing the characters to life.”

Comprised of five pieces total, the capsule kicks off with a bodysuit contrasted with pink overlock stitches throughout. Kappa’s signature logo is printed on the back in white. Adding to the range are matching T-shirts and trousers, along with a dress branded with a snake motif reading “S.”

Peep the full collaborative lineup above. You can head over to Kappa’s website to learn more about Sita Abellan’s latest project.

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