Lululemon Invests in Sustainable Materials Company Genomatica

The fitness apparel giant announced Wednesday it will be using the company’s bio-based materials for future products. Genomatica makes plant-based nylon, which Lululuemon said will replace some conventional nylon it uses for its workout apparel.

As part of the partnership, Lululemon has also made its first equity investment in Genomatica, although it would not disclose the amount.

Lululemon funding Genomatica is a nod at its sustainability goals. In October 2020, the company released its Impact Agenda, where it shared plans to become a more sustainable company. The company is working with Mylo, which develops mushroom-based leather, as well as LanzaTech, a company that makes polyester from recycled carbon emissions.

“Replacing the petrochemicals that make up many popular materials with more sustainable alternatives is a major step forward,” Patty Stapp, vice president of raw materials at Lululemon said in a statement.

Lululemon joins brands like Nike, Gucci, Adidas and Allbirds in developing materials that are either plant-based or made from recycled material as consumers become more environmentally conscious.