"Sustainability: A Starting Point" Guide to What Sustainability Means for 2020

Even before the impact of Covid-19, the fashion industry was in the process of adjusting to a new reality, where old ways of manufacturing and selling weren’t able to keep up with new global standards and rising consumer expectations around sustainability and transparency. MADE Trends’ deck “Sustainability: A Starting Point” is an overview of key trends and changing consumer attitudes, illustrated with best-in-class examples from leading environmentally conscious brands to reflect fashion’s new future and break down the basic steps to get there. Sustainability has become top of mind for many consumers, particularly younger ones. To help brands keep up with shifting consumer priorities, MADE has developed five key personas that reflect fashion’s new environmentally woke shoppers: the “Greta Gang” eco-warrior, the Gen Z Hypershopper who remains committed to a cycle of rapid consumption, the trendy E-Girl, the image-conscious Millennial, and the Investment Shopper, whose approach to slow fashion is naturally more sustainable.

Taken together, the deck should offer an understanding of what resonates with today's’ consumers and inspire brands to work towards what we call the Triple Bottom Line, which factors People, Planet, and Profit into the success equation.

If you are interested in learning more about sustainability, please contact us for a free consultation, or click here to purchase "Sustainability: A Starting Point" by MADE Trends.

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