Men’s Fashion Trends: 11 Wild Menswear Moves to Make in 2020

Kick off the decade with some big swings.

Welcome to the mother-forking future, people. Is it just us, or does 2020 not even sound like a real year? If things break just right, this will be the decade that we solve the climate crisis, end world hunger, close the wealth gap, and eradicate bad fits once and for all. To help you get a jumpstart on making that last goal a reality, we’ve outlined 11 major men’s fashion trends—a few returning favorites, a few calculated risks, and a few complete galaxy-brain swerves—that will define menswear in the early stages of the year ahead. If we all work together and stand firm in the face of adversity, we can and we will overcome swaglessness forever. Godspeed and good luck.


A Little Side Action

The cure for your Chelsea fatigue is simpler than you’d think: a slightly higher rise and a zipper down the side is all it takes to make your trustiest boots feel brand new.

Puffed-Up Puffers

Bone-chilling temps are no excuse for a middling fit—especially not when there’s a glut of seriously warm, seriously wavy puffers at your fingertips right now.

Free the Collar

Your steady diet of open-necked camp shirts over the last few years has all led to this: the return of strong collars jutting out over jacket lapels, Saturday Night Fever-style.

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