Outlook in China Brightens as Textile Factories Begin to Reopen

As fashion industry stakeholders eagerly await news regarding coronavirus’ impact on the Chinese textile manufacturing sector, the situation to beginning to brighten. And while the flow of goods in the U.S. and Europe has halted as retail stores shutter, and spring items are shipped back, news from China offers light at the end of the tunnel. Sources said textile factories in China are reopening, and the workforce is regaining its footing rather quickly. Stanley Chao, managing director at All in Consulting, a firm that helps western companies do business in China, told WWD, “The [factories] I speak with are in the Guangdong area. About 80 percent of workforce is back; the 20 percent not returning are from the Wuhan area that are still locked down. They are running about eight weeks behind schedule and expect to make up that by mid to late April.” Chao added, “Guangdong province has been more affected by Wuhan lockdown given the proximity. Some of the textile factories in Shanghai and the north are fully operational with everybody back. They are running ahead of Guangdong factories.” And interestingly, Chao explained that some factories have shifted manufacturing processes entirely to focus on creating products for aid. “Many of these textile

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