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Puma’s New Sustainability Conference is all about Gen Z

PUMA has announced that it will host a first-of-its-kind conference centered around sustainable fashion and with young people at the heart of the conversation. Taking place in London, the conference is set to open up the floor to PUMA’S industry peers, activists, NGOs, experts, ambassadors and consumers to facilitate discussions surrounding the industry’s most pressing sustainability challenges.

Dubbed “Conference of the People” as a nod to the UN’s “Conference of the Parties,” the event will place the voices of Gen Z front and center to ensure that those most affected by today’s climate decisions will, for once, have the opportunity to actually influence them. “We will focus on Gen Z during this event, as we want to give this generation a voice when it comes to the decisions that have to be made today to shape a more sustainable future,” says PUMA’s CEO Bjørn Gulden in a press release.

Hosted by Cara Delevingne, the conference will include a number of panels featuring some of the most prominent voices in sustainable fashion to discuss tackling issues like waste, climate change and accessibility to sustainable materials. “Together with PUMA, I have worked on sustainability topics for several years and together we have launched more sustainable collections such as Exhale. It is important to continue the debate about this topic so we can find solutions to environmental issues such as climate change, waste management and biodiversity,” adds Delevingne.

PUMA’s “Conference of the People” is set to take place on September 6. Details of how to attend will be available on PUMA’s COP website.

Source: Hypebae

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