Rebecca Minkoff Launches OnlyFans Account for NYFW

“OnlyFans is becoming more popular, and given the state of the world, we are all seeking out different ways to connect,” –  Rebecca Minkoff

As new apparel trends emerge at New York Fashion Week this weekend, some designers are still trying to make phygital formats happen too. Designer Rebecca Minkoff’s approach? Launching her brand’s official OnlyFans account today to coincide with showing her latest collection.

  1. On OnlyFans, users can subscribe to exclusive content from various creators. The app’s known for hosting NSFW material, but celebrities have also joined the platform to connect with fans.

  2. On Rebecca Minkoff’s account, the designer will share behind-the-scenes glimpses of prep for her February 16 show and running her business generally. It’s free to access.

When we say early…Minkoff said she’s the only major US fashion designer to create an OnlyFans for this purpose.

Across retail categories, OnlyFans usage by official brand accounts is scarce. Jing Gao, founder of DTC hot sauce brand Fly By Jing, is another founder we found on the platform.

  1. Gao created Fly By Jing’s account in late January to share free brand updates and flavor experiments with shoppers.

Social, not quite commerce

NYFW, and the halo economy surrounding it, is downsized in a mostly digital world. But brands participating already have a walk-in closet’s worth of apps to choose from—and their shows will be shared on official fashion week sites too. So why join another, and notably edgier, app?

  1. To bond with shoppers. “OnlyFans is becoming more popular, and given the state of the world, we are all seeking out different ways to connect,” Minkoff told Retail Brew in an email. “Joining OnlyFans offers a new way for us to leverage our loyal fanbase as a brand and provide content across the various outlets they are engaging with regularly.”

  2. To remain #relevant. “As a company, we always want to be a part of emerging platforms,” Minkoff told us. “I think it is important to always stay ahead of the curve in order to reach our current and potential new customers.”

The takeaway: As brands hope to strengthen their content 🤝 commerce flywheels, we may see more branch out from traditional social platforms to subscriber-only experiences. And OnlyFans wants to host more designers like Minkoff: CEO Tim Stokely told BoF that “announcements” geared toward fashion industry professionals are en route.

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