Rihanna X Fenty - How It Only Took 50 Minutes To Take A Fashion Show To The Next Level

Savage X Fenty Show,” on Amazon Prime Video, is an infomercial for an underpants brand. It is also a charming diversion and an estimable pseudo-event—a see-now-buy-now spectacular for the society of the spectacle. It is a logical brand extension for its creator, Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

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The fifty-minute film begins with RiRi’s mission statement—“inclusivity” (in terms of the sizing of the garment and the vision of the customer) and “empowerment” are the keywords. “It’s all me as the muse,” Rihanna says, sounding well-adjusted. She turns up onscreen as a brand manager, a quality-control supervisor, a creative leader, and a pinup model while teasing enough of her personality to offer a shimmer of emotional intimacy.

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The performance itself is an evening of arena-strength hip-hop cabaret. It is often a delight when designers show clothing moving in the context of a dance performance. The ascent of “Savage X Fenty” follows the demise of the “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show,” which, in its heyday, was an intriguing barometer of mass-market imperatives. Credit: The New Yorker

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