‘Scan and Go’ Technologies Play Key Role in Contactless Retail

As curbside pickup and a demand for “scan and go” and touchless transactions swelled during the pandemic — and remain prominent consumer preferences — the role of mobile devices and related technology has never been more important. Here, Christian Floerkemeier, chief technology officer, vice president of product and cofounder of Scandit, discusses these trends and how his company is helping brands and retailers succeed in the current environments. WWD: From your perspective in the market, how has COVID-19 changed shopping behavior? Christian Floerkemeier: COVID-19 meant that staying safe and avoiding contact while shopping became a priority. As a result, grocery retailers that had mobile Scan & Go in place saw a significant uptake in usage in their stores. For example, several Scandit customers witnessed increases of more than 100 percent in users and transactions with their mobile Scan & Go solution since the start of the pandemic. There was also a significant increase in customers shifting to online shopping. In the U.K., online shopping in groceries grew 0 to 7 percent in two decades and then 7 to 13 percent in just eight weeks once the pandemic started. Similarly, the U.S. saw online spend increase by more than 44 percent in the April to

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