Short Takes: The Future of Fashion in Three Words

Sustainability leaders Marci Zaroff, Livia Firth, Lauren Singer, Dominique Drakeford and more answer one simple question.

WWD asked its rolodex of sustainable fashion pioneers to answer one question. In three words, what is the future of fashion?

“Regenerative organic agriculture.” — Rose Marcario, president and ceo of Patagonia.

“Caring’s not enough.” — Colleen Vien, sustainability director at Timberland.

“Accountability, sustainability, circularity.” — Marci Zaroff, founder and chief executive officer of EcoFashion Corp.

“Sustainable, ethical, artisanal.” — Livia Firth, creative director and cofounder of Eco-Age

“In three words? I can do it in two. For me, it is empathy and respect.” — Orsola de Castro, cofounder and creative director of Fashion Revolution

“Reconnected, renewed, revolutionary.” — Carry Somers, founder and global operations director of Fashion Revolution

“Circular, regenerative, digital.” — Patrick Duffy, founder of Global Fashion Exchange

“Designed for recycling.” — Rachel Kibbe, circularity and textile waste consultant

“I don’t know. That’s it. There’s a part of me that thinks it’s going to change, and I’m certainly asking myself that question. Right now, I think we’re all just wanting to be a bit slower, quieter and kinder.” — Bay Garnett, senior independent fashion advisor at Oxfam

“Black and brown indigenous.” — Dominique Drakeford, cofounder of Sustainable Brooklyn, founder of MelaninASS blog

“Essential, mindful, value-add. I think a big word that’s been thrown around a lot is ‘essential.’ Not products that are superfluous. Can you have a world where essential products are creative and make a positive impact? Before this, we were in this stage of gluttonous founderism.” — Lauren Singer, founder of Package Free and Trash Is For Tossers blog

“The future of fashion is open, ethical and accountable.” — Céline Semaan, founder and creative director at Slow Factory Foundation

Credit: WWD – Click here to see the article

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