Snapchat’s Shoppable Show

Snapchat’s newest feature combines shows with shopping as the brand looks to expand its e-commerce capabilities.

Snapchat’s original programming—including shows like Driven and Endless—rack up millions of views each day as users are drawn into the short-content video series. To engage viewers even further, Snapchat is now introducing its first shoppable show. Titled The Drop, the show centers around the creation and launch of streetwear clothing collections from luxury designers and celebrities. Each weekly episode will feature a designer and a star walking viewers through the design of a specific item, which can then be purchased on the app. The highlighted product will be limited-edition, with Snapchat urging fans to watch the episodes live for the best chance of getting their hands on the featured item. Snapchat is not announcing the celebrity and designer lineup ahead of time to build up anticipation with fans before the show launches later this year.

While Snapchat has included shoppable ads on its platform in the past, blending show content with commerce is a new phase for the brand. Snapchat is looking to turn its 100 million monthly users—90% of whom are Gen-Z—into a commerce-converging base. As the young audience’s spending power increases, capitalizing on content formats and commerce capabilities could help Snapchat hyper-target shoppers aged 24 and younger, according to a Gartner report. The show signals Snapchat’s transformation into a direct selling channel where users can purchase items on the spot without leaving the app. The shoppable show follows Snapchat’s commerce advertising effort, which it rolled out with Adidas in 2019. The collaboration was successful, particularly in Europe, where Snapchat saw a 52% return on advertising spending—an encouraging sign as the platform prepares to release The Drop internationally.

Snapchat is reinventing the user experience on its app as content and commerce converge. Similar to PinterestYouTube, and Instagram, which have also focused on integrating shopping capabilities recently, Snapchat’s new shoppable show adds a differentiating element to its platform that could increase engagement with users and create a new revenue stream for the brand, if successful.

Credit: Gartner Daily Insights – Click here to view the article

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