Supporting Black Creatives: Changing of the Guard

Edward Enninful taking the reins at Vogue UK; Kanye West installed as creative director for an archetypically “white” brand like the Gap; TikTok driving trends unlike the runway ever has: it’s clear that fashion’s gatekeepers are changing, no longer the old guard of white, privileged perspectives that have dominated for so long.

A new generation of creatives and consumers are dedicated to changing the system itself, breaking down old standards and building new power structures towards a more equitable – and more creative – future. From designers to writers to photographers to stylists and far beyond, BIPOC creatives are creating new cultural and visual narratives, rather than just working within the ones that already exist.

To work with them, brands should be open to looking at fashion and consumer behavior through new lenses, taking into consideration voices that have so long been left out of the conversation.

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