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Supporting Black Creatives: Grassroots Creator Culture

A movement towards handmade, one-of-a-kind, or custom clothes and accessories taps into how much Gen Z values uniqueness, sustainability, and being the first to discover something new online. What’s more, as talented non-white designers continue to shake up the homogeneity of the fashion industry, social media and peer-to-peer selling platforms like Depop give extra power to the small, independent designer. This has created a new path forward for young designers to follow, skipping over the need for acceptance from a major retailer to reach a major audience. Designers like Saudia Islam of JBD Apparel, who works out of a studio in her native Philadelphia rather than in a major fashion city like New York or LA, are able to leverage social media to generate massive attention and even start new trends – particularly with the help of stars like Dua Lipa and Kim Kardashian wearing their clothes.

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Merchandising and Design Experts (MADE) specializes in trend forecasting and market positioning foresight for the fashion and retail market.  Delivering researched and highly relevant insight on market conditions, emergent opportunities, and key products. MADE bespoke reports help clients to identify and capitalize on current and future market trends. For more information about these topics and market trends and strategy please contact MADE Trends.

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