The Outside View: 5 Actions CEOs Can Take to Drive Sustainability

The urgent demand for climate action means that we need all hands on deck. Since the climate crisis impacts all industries, communities and ecosystems, it is a bipartisan topic. There is no longer an argument necessary to garner chief executive officer buy-in on sustainability: it’s a given. The question facing leaders of top organizations is: What can we do to be a part of the solution vs. the problem? We know why we need to ignite the charge, but where, when, and how can we empower our teams with concrete actions to take? According to the Pulse of the Fashion Industry 2019 Update, the pace of sustainability improvements in the fashion and textile world has been slower than expected. It seems the consensus of presenters and attendees alike at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit this year was: a lot of talk and little action. The only way to meet critical global goals is to act together: we must be bold, we must be vocal, and we must activate and be held accountable. 1. Tie Compensation to Sustainability Sales-based bonuses and salary increases may never fade away. But, more and more companies are shifting to link executive bonuses to sustainability. Initiatives such as streamlining product

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