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The Outside View: Millennials Versus Generation Z

Both generations are young and tech-savvy and they might listen to the same music and binge Netflix shows, but when it comes to marketing to Millennials and Generation Z, brands and retailers must treat them differently. Even Millennials — who are between 22 and 38 years old now — have to sometimes marvel at their younger counterparts, who were born into Wi-Fi-enabled lives with thumbs attached to smartphones and social media profiles as identity markers. The differences between these two generations can be small, but they add up to distinct shopping habits. And brands and retailers who keep those differences in mind are more likely to reap the rewards. Sharable Content  Generations Z’s all-encompassing embrace of technology is a vital differentiator. One of our consumer studies found that Gen Zers carry up to five devices on average and spend more than seven hours a day on social media, continuously checking and refreshing their social media feeds every few minutes. Brands and retailers need to take advantage of the little time they have to grab their attention. That means communicating in quick bursts. It also means creating highly sharable content that is easy to digest and uses “language” to which Gen Z relates — words

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