Uniqlo Sister Brand GU to Enter U.S. With SoHo Pop-up

Uniqlo’s sister brand GU, the lower-priced trend-driven brand owned by parent company Fast Retailing, has chosen SoHo as the site to mark its first retail presence in the West. The brand hopes to accelerate its global expansion by using the New York pop-up as a testing ground with western consumers. GU’s strategy is to tackle any potential issues that may arise from translating its Eastern style into the West, including properly communicating its Japanese sizing, in a pop-up store to remain agile in response to consumer feedback. Customers can expect to find a selection of well-made, trendy men’s and women’s pieces that they can easily add to their existing closet. However, to tailor their offering to a western clientele specific products the brand considers to be “too Japanese” will be swapped for more familiar styles. GU plans to keep track of the most successful clothing styles and will offer product changes according to the tracked data. While the exact opening of the pop-up is unknown, it will be open through Summer 2023.