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Unusual Times Call for Unusual Talents

For several months now, the world has been immersed in uncertainty and fear. All aspects of our everyday life, our habits and our security have been shaken. We have been challenged by new paradigms and constant new information inviting us to evolve our usual state of mind and ways of thinking. We will have to rebuild. We will have to rethink the “world of tomorrow.” We must leap at the opportunity to reshape the world; if not to make this new world a more equitable place, then we must do it to survive. In order to harness the power of this change and equip themselves for the future, businesses will need to look outside of the ordinary and diversify their teams. An answer to the challenges we are facing could come from minds outside of our typical boardrooms and political offices. When searching for atypical answers, we need to look in atypical places: the time might be here to give a larger space to neuroatypical talents, such as people on the autism spectrum. This new diversity could become a new strength and the inspiration teams need going forward. Those different thinkers possess some surprising abilities and fragilities that make them vulnerable to

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