WWD List: A Decade of Stock Market Winners and Losers

If the stock market is a game of brute force — and it often is — Amazon won the last decade.  The value of the web giant’s shares shot up 1,492 percent since the end of 2009, giving Amazon a market capitalization of $927 billion as it headed into the final, short week of 2019.  That’s an increase of almost $870 billion — a gigantic leap that speaks to, yes, the transformative force Amazon has been in the commercial world, where it accounts for about half of all online sales. But it’s also a measure of the company’s early leadership in the cloud computing sector (a cash cow for its operations), the lingering obsession with all things tech and a bull market that not only charged out of the Great Recession, but just kept going. (But Amazon itself has some catching up to do if it wants to match Apple, which added $1.1 trillion to its market cap over the last decade, expanding its stock market value to $1.29 trillion). The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 175 percent for the decade, going from strength to strength and setting a new all-time high last Friday. Amazon is not only good at what it does

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